Quick:  what do you need to become a Scrum Master?

Answer:  A Motivating Vision!

Setting a SMART goal is the first step to becoming a Certified Scrum Master.  S.M.A.R.T. stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound.

My September-October Scrum Goals are to:
Specific: Pass recognized Scrum Master exam.
Measurable: You pass or fail. 85%
Achievable: Read the entire 400+ page Scrum Book of Knowledge.
Relevant: Enroll in an online course for Scrum Master (no cat videos)
Time-Bound: Sixty day of self study, ending Oct 15th 2017

MARKET RESEARCH: The ScrumAlliance.org directory shows current certificate holders for any geographic area.  In Boise where I live, there are 135 active certified Scrum Masters. In places I would like to work, like  Alaska there are four.

Now,  make a plan. (mine is below) Turn off your TV, YouTube, Facebook, & Twitter. Decide to not care what Trump or the NFL or SNL does. None of that stuff will advance a career tomorrow or ten years from now.

– Download free PDF from Scrumstudy.org Scrum Book of Knowledge
– Buy a copy to underline and mark up.
– Subscribe to some good scrum/agile newsletters
– Join a local scrum/agile Meetup.com group
– Get a www.trello.com  account and set up a Kanban board
– Commit to 30 minutes reading / Scrum videos per day
– Buy an online exam and course and follow it to completion
– Install a Scrum quiz app and practice
– Get free Scrum Fundamentals certificate: Scrumstudy.org
– Take notes,  I use 3×5 cards
– Dream about success!

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