If your goal is to learn about Scrum and Agile, this blog is for you.

This blog will post excerpts from articles, take surveys, and review books, videos, and webinars. I will post discounts for classes, books and provide fresh content.  Please send me your tips. and treasures too.

Let’s start:  Get the book.
Whilst some companies charge $1,500, $2,000 for a two day Scrum training, you can learn for less.   The FREE Scrum Master Book of Knowledge (SBOK) is available from Scrumstudy.org is over 400 pages.  Downloads are free.  It’s thorough, and not that hard to read.  I just finished it tonight.  You can do this.  Remember Harry potter series has 4,224 pages.

Till next time, happy scrumming.
Joel H Robinson

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