What Common Agile Mistakes have you experienced?

Do you have a personal story about Common Agile Mistakes?  I’d like to hear your story and suggestions, your experiences.

Every February, Boise State University puts on a free Code Camp for students and the public.   I am asking YOU for ideas & personal stories for my 2018 Boise Code Camp presentation “Common Agile Mistakes”.

I will collect, sort, compile and crunch the common mistakes into some statistics.  I will edit some of the stories into a short PDF for use here and for the BSU students.

Send me one idea or a dozen. Post your “Common Agile Mistakes”. comments and/or stories in the Left  “Leave a Comment” section or send me an email. JoelhRobinson@gmail.com

I hope to have at least one hundred responses to compile meaningful statistics.  Stories must be true (Duh!).  Your sending me your comments & story means I have you permission to publish.  Email me at JoelhRobinson@gmail.com

Setting a SMART Scrum Master Goal

Quick:  what do you need to become a Scrum Master?

Answer:  A Motivating Vision!

Setting a SMART goal is the first step to becoming a Certified Scrum Master.  S.M.A.R.T. stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound.

My September-October Scrum Goals are to:
Specific: Pass recognized Scrum Master exam.
Measurable: You pass or fail. 85%
Achievable: Read the entire 400+ page Scrum Book of Knowledge.
Relevant: Enroll in an online course for Scrum Master (no cat videos)
Time-Bound: Sixty day of self study, ending Oct 15th 2017

MARKET RESEARCH: The ScrumAlliance.org directory shows current certificate holders for any geographic area.  In Boise where I live, there are 135 active certified Scrum Masters. In places I would like to work, like  Alaska there are four.

Now,  make a plan. (mine is below) Turn off your TV, YouTube, Facebook, & Twitter. Decide to not care what Trump or the NFL or SNL does. None of that stuff will advance a career tomorrow or ten years from now.

– Download free PDF from Scrumstudy.org Scrum Book of Knowledge
– Buy a copy to underline and mark up.
– Subscribe to some good scrum/agile newsletters
– Join a local scrum/agile Meetup.com group
– Get a www.trello.com  account and set up a Kanban board
– Commit to 30 minutes reading / Scrum videos per day
– Buy an online exam and course and follow it to completion
– Install a Scrum quiz app and practice
– Get free Scrum Fundamentals certificate: Scrumstudy.org
– Take notes,  I use 3×5 cards
– Dream about success!

More later:

Start your Scrum Journey now: Get the SBOK

If your goal is to learn about Scrum and Agile, this blog is for you.

This blog will post excerpts from articles, take surveys, and review books, videos, and webinars. I will post discounts for classes, books and provide fresh content.  Please send me your tips. and treasures too.

Let’s start:  Get the book.
Whilst some companies charge $1,500, $2,000 for a two day Scrum training, you can learn for less.   The FREE Scrum Master Book of Knowledge (SBOK) is available from Scrumstudy.org is over 400 pages.  Downloads are free.  It’s thorough, and not that hard to read.  I just finished it tonight.  You can do this.  Remember Harry potter series has 4,224 pages.

Till next time, happy scrumming.
Joel H Robinson